Triangle Construction Inc.

And Facility Maintenance

Lawn Care Services

Weed Control

If there are weeds present in your lawn, professional grade weed control products are safely applied to eliminate these pests. Maintenance of property fence line can also be included. Custom season-long programs or single applications are available and are recommended after an analysis of your lawn is completed.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Landscape Maintenance

Triangle Construction Inc. provides a wide-array of yearly programs. We combine regular comprehensive weekly or bi-weekly mowing with seasonal solutions to ensure your lawns health and beauty.  Our field maintenance team provides a safe environment for children and pets.

Edging & Mulching

To keep a crisp look in your lawn, our technicians use mechanical means to cut clean, attractive edges around all mulch beds and sidewalks. Our mulching applications are done with precision in conjunction with edging. We offer the highest quality of mulch in a variety of colors, suiting whatever need you may have.

Surface Blowing

Full Service Cleanup- we will remove all leaves from flower beds, turf, sidewalks, parking lots, etc. and dispose of them in your green waste container or we can take them away.


The best defense against weeds in your lawn is a thick, healthy property of turf grass. Fertilization is needed as much as sunshine and water, to keep your lawn healthy.  It is important to note, It is a green solution and cost effective.

Overseeding / Reseeding

Fall overseeding involves the introduction of new turf grass seed to existing lawns to help thicken and revitalize your lawn from the stresses of a long, hot, dry summer.

Hedge Trimming

Triangle Construction Inc. will preserve and maintain your curb appeal by Trimming hedges and promoting their optimal health.

Planting and Removal of Plants

Triangle Construction Inc. can include this “Per Plant Option” in the yearly contract for removal of dead plants only and/or replacement based on the type of plant.

Shrubs Pruning

To promote optimal blooming and growth, pruning is performed depending on the specific type of plants on each property and owner needs.

Lawn Irrigation System Maintenance

Our lawn care group works together with our sprinkler system technicians to combine our services and save you money.

Triangle Construction Inc. offers you a personalized yearly lawn care service based on your needs and budget.

Tree Trimmig

Tree maintenance to preserve the integrity of your property.